10 things you should deep clean this spring

  1. Your closet

    Organizing your closet is the first step to organizing the rest of your home. This is the time to put away the fall/winter clothes, get rid of unused garments and accessories, and switch it to something lighter for the upcoming seasons. Try to arrange it either by the color or type. Your closet will look appealing, and your everyday routine will be easier.

  2. Your dishwasher

    If you want your stains off of your dinner plates, you have to clean the dishwasher itself too. Remove any bits of food from the bottom. If your dishwasher drain is clogged and causing water to back up pour a bottle of vinegar with baking soda in it. Let is soak for 15 minutes, then start the hot cycle with a specialty dishwasher cleanser.

  3. Your floor

    Tile, wood or carpet they all need deep cleaning. In some cases going down on your knees is needed to make sure the corners are squeaky clean. Clean your mop frequently and change the water if it’s too dirty.

  4. Your curtains

    Freshen up your curtains by washing them in cold water on a longer cycle. Dry them hanged up to make sure no wrinkles occur.

  5. Your windows

    Let the sun shine in!  Clean all of your windows at least twice a year. Use a sponge to wipe off most of the dirt then use vinegar based solution. Finish up with newspaper.

  6. Your refrigerator

    This means the outside and inside. Pull out all of your fridge’s interior shelving and wash them with warm soapy water. Then wipe down the surfaces that can’t be removed on the inside with a sponge before putting shelves back in their place. Remove ice bucket from freezer section (if any) and do the same as above.

  7. Your bedding

    Wash your pillows and comforter just like your washing the pillowcases and sheets. If possible dry it outside on the sun. Read the manufacturer’s label first.

  8. Your tile surfaces

    Mildew or mold can cumulate in closed areas especially, if there is no window in that room. Use vinegar – baking soda mixture to bring the tiles into a natural PH level.

  9. Your cabinets

    Ideally, you would take out everything from your cabinet during this session. Clean cabinets inside and out, reorganize the shelves to make sure things are in flow with your daily routine. Leave wood moisturized with some great product.

  10. Your oven

    If you ever start to smell something burning when you turn on your oven, it might be time to give it a deep clean. Use specialty products to cut grease and remove burnt-on food.

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