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We are Unbeetable

A quick glimpse into how it all started and what we believe in. Please know we’ve lived a healthy lifestyle for over a decade, sticking to organic and/or local products and produce, growing herbs, baking from scratch, etc.


About a year ago we ordered our Norwalk juicer. Later that night we decided to start up our business and write down everything that came to our mind into a notebook. These notes included potential business names, juice menu, and page layouts.

For the next 6 month we did taste testing daily and slowly our menu was done. We even had our dogs taste test the juice menu with us – you will be seeing them in other posts as they love the juices and the leftover fibers.


During the preparation phase we were setting up a supply chain; bottle sourcing, artwork creation, local farmers, social media account setups, phone calls to acquire necessary certifications and licenses.


For us it is all about the joy and interest in wellness and the positive effect it has on our bodies and mental well-being. As a result, we chose the name Upbeet Juicery because we believe it reflect our upbeat personalities, positive thinking, and ongoing strive for personal improvement. We hope our upbeat spirit – and products – can inspire YOU to switch from bad lifestyle choices to healthier ones. If you spend a little more on your health now and your body will thank you for it in the long run.

Closing note:

Browse on our site and order some of the juices we offer. We guarantee that it will be a new experience and you will see juices differently after having a sip or two.


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